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4-Pack Sampler

4-Pack Sampler

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The hangover-free buzz. No alcohol. No addiction. All natural.

Catch a buzz with the new way to drink -- Kaviva.

Enjoy hangover-free Sundays, early morning workouts, and life with less alcohol -- all while enjoying social outings and catching a little buzz!

Kaviva is a light, carbonated, slightly sweet drink to help take the edge off. Similar to traditional kava (brown, muddy water/tea), you will experience the same effects with a more refreshing taste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The drink is good, but wish the Kava was more strong

16 pack variety review

The pineapple coconut appears to be more popular especially with the ladies, although the Strawberry Kiwi does not disappoint.
Consider selling 4 or 16pk of each flavor alone and test how that sells.

I will continue buying the variety pack for our household but would buy solo packs as well if given the option

Carter McManes
This is my new favorite drink. Hands down.

At first, I was skeptical. I am single male in my late 20s still in his bachelor/party life. I thought "Kava? No alcohol? But I like drinking and going out and getting my alcohol buzz on?" And now, this drink is probably the only drink I actually look forward to.

It is PERFECT for the beach. It is PERFECT for day drinking outside. It is PERFECT for a little buzz on the way to a first date or dinner with friends or even a night in when you want to get a buzz but don't want to be dehydrated or hungover the next morning for golf, farmer's market, church, whatever the reason.

They taste SO GOOD. I'm allergic to beer so I have to resort to wine, liquor, or seltzers, and anyone who has pounded seltzers knows that they grow old and you get tired of them and they become less appetizing/appealing.

Kavivas though taste great, think a smoother high noon with all the buzz and even a bonus little tingle/numbing mouth sensation. In fact, after 1 or two kavivas I am feeling it whereas a seltzer or high noon it would probably take more than that.

Even further, this is really really good and fun drink for athletes and those who like to workout/run/whatever and feel like if they have a workout Saturday morning, they can't do anything on Friday. Gone are those days. You can drink a better tasting drink (with even LESS calories than any of those others), get that euphoric buzz, and wake up ready to rock n roll.

The buzz is great too. It's not a tired/heavy head alcohol buzz. It is much more of a "my body just feels GOOD. I feel it. I'm buzzing, but I am not inhebriated." I think Kaviva has some marketing on this and I laughed because it was actualy true for me - I drank a few one Friday night and felt ZERO urge to figure out what the "move" was and was just happy and content chilling until the crew came up with a plan for the night, but even better I did not even think about hitting up my ex or sending an embarrassing DM slide to anyone.

Jokes (but actually serious) aside, this drink is my new favorite drink without a doubt. I harass my local bodega, grocery store, and liquor store trying to get them to stock it. It is worth every penny. And don't be left out asking "Kaviva? What's that?" Be a cool kid and get on these things. You will love your past self more and more with each sip and fun time you have thanks to Kaviva.

Edwin Reina
Love Kaviva

Love drinking kaviva and feeling a buzz and not having a hangover or feeling bad the next day!


Kaviva is incredible! This has turned into my go to for when I want to relax midweek. I traded the couple of beers I would enjoy while watching basketball for Kaviva and it’s been amazing. No brain fog the next day means I can stick to my morning routine while enjoying the fun moments at night